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Your eyes couldn't believe how Snapchat has changed film industry. And these movies prove it.

On the internet, you can find many indie, cutting edge creators doing experiments with Snapchat. We’ve unearthed the best examples from there. Ranging from horror, thriller, documentary to teen story, hilarious adventure and vlog-styled short film, we hope there’s a little something for you.

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The Voice on Snapchat

While winter is fading away, warm music vibes incoming because of the 12th season of The Voice launched. The four-chair judges (Alicia Keys with Gwen Stefani came back finally!) are working to find next music revelations. First new episodes of most popular music talent show on TV in the US are behind us, so we were taking a look at Snapchat to find selected promising artists.

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Music artists on Snapchat to watch in 2017

Recently Vevo has published a list of promising music artists to watch in the coming months… We checked who’s on Snapchat and put our collection here.

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6 cool videos about Snapchat

Snapchat is great, we all know it. But what is it really that drives millions of people to use it every day? Check out those six videos we selected telling stories about your favorite app these days.

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