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Snapchat Marketing Insider: Moroso Spa

After a while, we continue with sharing information about another business with you. It believes and develops its marketing force thanks to Snapchat. Additionally, it takes advantage of not only this mobile app but also of another existing tools which are attributed to Snap domain.

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Best of the best fitness’ masters on Snapchat

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind - that’s what we know, but tend to believe that it’s easier said than done, right?. Well, with Snapchat it can be within your reach? Along with musicians and celebrities, you can also come across real motivators there encouraging you to train for better shape and wellbeing.

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Why hip hop on Snapchat is the best thing since sliced bread

Probably DJ Khaled comes to your mind when you conjure up NUMBER ONE among rappers on Snapchat. Although the king is only one, a collection of hip-hop bigwigs, who are active on this mobile app, is quite impressive and may surprise you. So check out whether your cherished wizard of spoken words loves snaps or not.

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Stranger Things on Snapchat

The sophomore season of one of the most successful original TV series by Netflix has recently come out at last. The audience’s anticipation was rewarded by darker and scarier episodes. Fans can expect a truly wild roller-coaster for all of their senses. But between watching the episodes, you can take a chance and get to know what their snaps are about.

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6 simple steps to reclaim your Snapchat streaks

Snapchat users love taking snaps,  particularly applying geofilters and adding lenses. They don’t do these snaps for themselves, though. Communication with friends is the main reason for them to do it. Fostering these digital relationships on a daily basis is the key to understand the uniqueness of this mobile app. Without streaks (as Snapchatters call them), snapping is worthless.

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