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Snapchat Marketing Insider: Journey Jewelers

It’s quite easy to find big companies which operate on Snapchat. They are also quoted in many articles as the examples how other brands should adapt to peculiar environment of this mobile app. Snapchat wasn’t created only for corporations, though. There’s a huge group of smaller enterprises which should have a chance to be here too. That’s why we caught up on this marketing shortage for small and medium-sized business.

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Latest Snapchat marketing tips for higher education and universities

In the post World War II era, generations had to rebuild the world from scratch. They have set a brand-new reality with certain order and rules in economy, for example. Even now their influence is tangible. Let’s look at the evolution of social media. Snapchat is the promised land for Gen Y and Gen Z. Thus, institutions of higher education have massively entered the snap world to be with them.

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Would you like to be a big fish in your business? Then follow these guys on Snapchat

For sure, when you conjure up “social media” and B2B sphere, LinkedIn comes to your mind as a prime destination for this issue. But we recommend you to reconsider business approach for one thing. Snapchat is not only for the youth anymore. According to the recent data, over 40% of its audience is 25+. Heading for mature level, entrepreneurial spirit is growing in strength on Snapchat.

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24 content ideas which can be advantageous to your brand on Snapchat

This is probably one of the most intriguing issues for brands which consider or have just launched their operations on Snapchat. No one wants to send snap with shame, for sure. Is it possible to select the content types on Snapchat, generally? It’s a little bit more complicated matter than content formats available on this mobile app, but we managed to do it after all.

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The best European soccer leagues to be found on Snapchat

Sport is an incredibly profitable business. And the soccer market is the best example of how colossal a field it is. According to Brand Finance recent data, seven out of top 10 most prestigious football clubs have surpassed billion dollar valuation this year. As Snapchat has been popular mainly among young people (both teens and adults), many entities from the leading European football leagues have appeared there for good.

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